Youth Training

Our Philosophy

Our youth training philosophy is centered on the developmental needs of young athletes. Taught by professional coaches who are enthusiastic and passionate about youth training, our programs aim to develop well-rounded athletes and spark a love of fitness. Our classes are all-encompassing, focusing on injury prevention, general physical preparedness, and healthy lifestyle habits. Athletes will improve their speed, agility, power, strength and endurance, and learn life skills of leadership and determination.

Power House Teen Class

youth sports training for strength and agility in st paul, mn

Our Teens Class (Ages 13-17) teaches proper movement mechanics within a functional fitness framework, offering each athlete the experience of challenge and reward in every session. While we incorporate CrossFit movements and a handful of WODs (high intensity workouts) into the programming each week, the Teens program incorporates traditional strength cycles, injury prevention movements, speed-agility-quickness training, and force production drills. We have found this to be very effective for youth athletes, who are increasingly over-specialized in a single sport and become highly exposed to non-contact injuries. If you have a team or small group looking to train together, email us for more info!

Summer Camps

youth athletic training for speed and endurance in st paul mn

Each summer, The Power House hosts multiple summer camps for youth athletes of all ages and interests, including soccer-specific camps, hockey camps, Girl Power Camp, Sport + Movement Camp, and more!

Check back soon for 2024 dates, descriptions, and registration information!

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