Private Training

Your Training customized to meet your health & wellness Goals.

Working one-on-one with a coach offers an unparalleled opportunity to receive personalized attention and results-driven programming. Your coach will assess your current strengths and weaknesses along with your fitness goals to design a custom science-based fitness program specific. Then you put in the work together to get results!

Ready to get started?

Our discounted 3 Session Package is a great way for new clients to fall in love with our blend of high intensity cardio, strength training, and functional movement.

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General health & fitness
Achieving a performance goal
Injury rehabilitation or prevention
Weight loss
functional fitness personal training in st paul mn

Your Needs Met

Developing a relationship with your TPH expert strength and conditioning coach is a life-changing experience! The expertise, accountability, and energy we bring to each session helps bring your exercise experience to a whole new level of fun. We will work with your schedule, your location (virtual or in-person), and your goals. At The Power House, you are in the very best hands. Our clients have achieved all forms of performance goals through their personal training investments, including climbing mountains, PR’ing lifts, reducing cholesterol and body fat, rehabbing an old injury, and discovering a newfound confidence and passion for movement!

Celebrating all private client wins

Shawn uses his private training packages to maintain lean muscle mass and focus on recovery while training for the NYC Marathon.

Elite youth figure skater Eliza trained in 30-minute sessions to build explosive strength and develop lower body muscle mass.

Anne Marie combined one private training session per week along with two group classes per week to prevent injuries, lift weights safely, and focus on longevity with her professional dancing career.

Mike, Lauri, Lexi & Halle used their family packages to train all together, all while working on their individual goals.