The Power house mn

Our Story

We are a family-owned gym run by a close-knit team who LOVES what we do! Founders Max and Jill Lipset started The Power House in 2013, with the goal of creating a space for others to become their healthiest and best selves and allow exceptional coaches to forge a career in the industry.

our Mission & Vision

The mission of The Power House is to provide results-based fitness services to people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life and to collaborate with outside organizations on their wellness and performance needs.

Our vision is threefold. First, to develop the fitness industry’s best career coaches. Second, to improve health on a population level and lead the shift in healthcare from sickness to wellness. Third, to build a dedicated and inclusive community that dares greatly in becoming the champions of their lives.

Win your life

Win Your Life is our rallying cry, a statement that emboldens our community to take charge of their health, pursue big audacious goals, and relentlessly seek the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Unique is Powerful

Be yourself. We like it that way. Our commitment to inclusion and celebration across race, gender, identity, religion, age, physical abilities, and life experiences shapes us and drives us forward. If you like our values and that’s your vibe too, join the squad!

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Our Core Values

Kaizen at TPH

A Japanese term meaning “constant improvement,” kaizen invokes a consistent and humble approach to health, fitness, and personal development that reaps long-lasting rewards across the lifespan.

Customization at TPH

Health is not a ‘one size fits all’ mold, so we intentionally invest in a diverse set of practices, tools, and coaching approaches to best serve each individual or organization we work with. In addition, we are committed to regularly evaluating all aspects of our business to make sure we are delivering the highest value possible and achieving our and our athletes’ goals.

Team Work at TPH

A well-functioning team can create amazing things. The Power House coaches work together to support and guide each person on their unique journey towards optimal health and wellness. Our team of coaches aspire towards synergy through cooperation, collaboration, accountability, and integrity.

Community at TPH

Our commitment to create genuine connections between humans, safe spaces to be challenged and succeed together, and deliver world-class fitness programs is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Within our community, we remove barriers to wellness and develop a culture which celebrates the triumphs of others as much as the victories of oneself.