WODs of the Week

  • "The Power House is a community that works together to provide everyone a positive and supporting environment to reach their fitness goals. The coaches at The Power House are very supportive of my physical and mental wellbeing. Every workout they offer scaling options that are unique to my fitness level and any injuries I might have. During the workout they provide a lot of encouragement and knowing my abilities they have pushed me to do things that I thought I couldn’t do. After the workout they check-in to see how the workout went and any things we may need to change for the next workout."

    Todd Steinhilber
  • "Having the chance to improve member's lives through fitness is my favorite part about working at The Power House. It is rewarding to be a part of a tight-knit community of people working to achieve their goals and be a part of their success."

    Riley Lindstrom, TPH Coach
  • "I love The Power House for its synergistic environment with my coworkers and the opportunity to provide customized programming to help our athletes win their lives! Honestly, there's nothing like seeing the face of an athlete getting that breakthrough in a movement they've been working on and knowing I was able to guide them towards that."

    Cris Railef, TPH Coach
  • "One of my main reasons for going to the gym is to challenge myself and manage stress. I like going to The Power House because it provides an environment that allows me to push myself, encourage others and even be competitive all at the same time. One of my most general goals in life is that I want to thrive. TPH allows me to have fun and work towards that."

    Pete Butkus
  • "What I love most about being a health coach is supporting people as they make important changes in their lives. It takes a lot of courage to forge a new path and it's a privilege to be a partner in the process. Being part of The Power House team helps me find new and creative ways to collaborate and support our clients' health and wellbeing."

    Liza Allen, TPH Health Coach
  • "The Power House is so much more than just a gym. It's a community of people striving for health and fitness with guidance from the best coaches and trainers in the Twin Cities."

    Todd Reubold
  • "As a coach, I love private training because it allows me the opportunity to customize for my clients and provide them a tailored approach to their fitness. We have tons of fun together, and it lights me up to help them reach their goals. Regardless of where people are starting from or what else they have going on in their busy lives, the time we get in the gym or online is time well spent."

    Jenna Birch, TPH Coach
  • "I can't imagine how I would feel if not for the virtual private training sessions with The Power House. Our sessions are interactive and keep my health and fitness goals on track in the midst of a pandemic. I'm somehow in the best shape of my life and it is all because of Meredith and our at-home workouts."

    Shawn Harrison
  • "I’ve been a client since Day 1. The coaches at The Power House have worked with me and built me back up. I went from totally exhausted from my first sessions to energized for the day today. My training has added 10 years back into my late middle-aged life."

    Patrick Zimmerman
  • "I have been training with Max Lipset at The Power House for five years. In that time, I have competed as a CrossFit Masters athlete in numerous competitions, trained for a recent 48-mile trail run through the Grand Canyon, and stayed true to my goals of being happy, healthy, and strong! I am consistently delighted by the process and the outcome. Journeying with the whole TPH team is the best."

    Julie Causey